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Carbon Yumi
Role Scout
Speciality Mechanic
Race Increased Nitrous boost (25%)
Career 10% discount on
performance parts
NFS Carbon - Yumi

NFS Carbon - Yumi

Yumi is a member of Bushido in Need for Speed: Carbon. She will join the player once Kenji is defeated.

Yumi is first introduced after Kenji's defeat, messaging the player to meet her at the Plaza in Downtown Palmont, and that she rather would race with someone with skills. She also indicates that Kenji wouldn't survive without her, and they both should discuss her entry into the player's crew. Upon meeting with the player, Yumi then tells the player a secret; which was that she too was present on the night the player was exiled after the big race.

She was viewing the race from a building's fire escape overlooking a section of the race course. While listening on the radio and viewing the player's driving skills, she overhears police chatter about them to target only 3 cars, and not target the player's blue Supra. The player's car was deliberately not targeted by the Palmont Police Department, but those of Angie, Kenji and Wolf were targeted instead. Their 3 cars were hit with electromagnetic pulses which shut down their cars while the player was unscathed. She feels that something wasn't right about the police being selective in who they intended to stop.

Yumi feels that someone else interfered, and the player should figure out what exactly happened. She hints that the player needs a crew - with her - to do so.


Yumi only drives Tuner cars. She will change her lower tier car with a higher classed one, when the player obtains or purchases one before.


  • She is portrayed by former music artist Melody Miyuki Ishikawa, whose name is also stylised as "melody.".
    • A shortened version of Melody's song "Feel The Rush (Junkie XL Remix)" is played during Yumi's introduction video.
    • Melody also appeared in an alternate PSA video for the Japanese release of Need for Speed: Carbon.
  • Yumi is the only crew member who comments about their previous boss.
  • Yumi appears in Kenji's introduction video.