Zarinah is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Nitro.

Zarinah sits on the hood of her Nissan 370Z while working on her laptop.

After overhearing cars passing by, Zarinah happily shuts down her laptop and changes from her work attire into her stunning racer look offscreen, before dangling her car keys and striking a pose beside her 370Z, remarking her culture's balanced life of work and play.[1]

Need for Speed: Nitro

Zarinah is the "Top Racer" of Singapore.


Zarinah drives a Toyota Corolla GT-S in the Bronze Cup, a Nissan 370Z in the Silver Cup, and a Ford GT in the Gold Cup. All her cars can be unlocked by obtaining all stars in all her city's Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cup events respectively.


  • "You drift around the corner, hit the Nitro and bam! You own it, baby!"
  • "If you wanna get ahead, if you wanna buy new cars and race new tracks, you've got to prove yourself and race with style: Drift, draft, catch air, and use Nitro, and of course, win the race. That's how you go from nobody to somebody."


  • A Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 in the opening video of Need for Speed: Nitro sports Zarinah's livery, albeit in yellow and black.
  • Unlike her in-game counterpart, Zarinah's 370Z in her profile video is not equipped with a custom body kit, custom hood, roof scoop, and spoiler.



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